Ordering Instructions


Hover over “School Lunches”.

Click on “Goddard WM Ordering”.

Select the day you want the lunch order and then select the meal.  Feel free to select multiple days.

If you prefer an available side order that is not included with your selection, add it in the “Special Requests” box.

When you have finished your selections, click “Order Now”.

Enter the address of the school (4960 Mercantile Rd, Baltimore, MD 21236) in the “Where are we delivering” box.

Select “Continue”. In the contact details enter the first name and last initial of the student. Provide your telephone number and email address for order confirmation.


Select “Continue” and click on the card icon for payment.


Enter the credit card information and click “OK” and then “Continue”.


Review the order and then select “Confirm Order”.


Emergency Meals

If the deadline has passed to order for a particular day, you can still receive a meal by selecting “Emergency Meals” located on the left side of the Online Ordering page. Please note that a selection must be made by 7:30 AM on the day requested.

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